Santa, Hand-Painted Magnet - Ornament

  • ID: 79522
  • Santa, St. Nick, Santa Clause

    Hand-painted, custom-painted, customized, personalized.
    Height: 6.5625". Width: 3.75". Thick: .020. Weight: 0.15oz.
    Stamped steel, single faced.

    Colors shown: Santa's hat and coat coat red, white and silver trim
    Shoes, black. Bag, black pearl accent. Mittens, green. Beard,
    white silver and gray. Tree, greens, white, with sparkles, brown trunk. Toys, Bbar browns, doll pink dress, horn gold, ball blue. Snow, white, gray with sparkles. Unique personalized gift for Christmas or decorative touch to your decor. 

    Choose your colors finishes and backings, magnet or ornament. 

    Made & hand-painted in the USA.

  • ID: 79522
  • $16.50


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