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About Us

Thank-you for your interest in LSC Creations!

My small and busy online business caters to those that enjoy unique custom hand-painted products. What I love to do is hand-paint pieces that I think would be enjoyed by others as well as myself. Sometimes I will buy odd things at a store, strip them down and repaint the item(s) to make them look so realistic as possible. When I'm finished, you can't tell if the item is polymer or wood. It's so much fun turning pieces into a unique work of art. The time and patience that goes into each piece is worth it when you see the end results. Every piece that you purchase will always be signed, numbered and dated. Also the pieces that I have on my site, is made in the USA.

The small and large plaques/histerical markers that I have on my site, I don't stock all of the available states so I can keep your cost as low as possible. Depending the state you wish to purchase I will order the hand-tooled plaques from the manufacturer at that time. It may take a little longer to get, but its worth the wait.

Also, I love to paint murals on ceilings. I have a mural in my bathroom of the sky and clouds that were out the day I was painting. I would look out the window and see a cloud I liked, and then would paint it. Now I have a ceiling that is very unique.

My aluminum ceiling in our family room was so much fun to paint, I couldn't believe it. It was a long job, but very well worth it. When a visitor goes into the family room, they keep looking at the ceiling and just can't believe how beautiful it is. Needless to say, it's a good conversation piece.

Refrigerator magnets and the ornaments are made of stamped metal. They are fun to do since the detail in the metal is very deep and takes the paint well, and they are very durable. I just received in a new shipment of items which includes the sun, moon and stars. When the holidays start coming around the corner and I will be getting more items in for the different holidays.

Also, I keep painting different decorative accessories. Currently, I have a variety of wall decor, and other decorative accessories. Some of these accessories is made from aluminum, resin and ceramic. All items are hand painted, and most all of them can be custom-painted as well.

I take pride in the painting I do and strive for perfection, so sometimes things take a little longer than usual, but the results can be very nice to say the least. Once again, if you have any questions please contact me.

LSC Creations doesn't really have a storefront, but will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for you. Just call or email us for a convenient time for you to stop by. I'll have the coffee pot waiting for you.

Thank-you for stopping by and taking an interest in LSC Creations.


Customer Service

At LSC Creations our goal is simple: We will do our best to provide our customers with total satisfaction. Just keep in mine as hard as we try to keep our prices low, our products and our shipping charges is subject to change. If you have any questions or problems concerning products or service, please contact us at: loraine@lsccreations.com or phone 978-928-9550.

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General Info

LSC Creations previously had Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Both companies have decided to voice their political opinions through censorship. As a result, regardless of whether we agree or not, we have decided to remove our accounts from their platforms.  LSC Creations is happy and honored to serve all customers, irrespective of their beliefs.