Candle, Hand-Painted Magnet - Ornament

  • ID: 205518
  • Christmas Candle

    Hand-painted, custom-painted, customized, personalized. Height: 3.562". Width: 3.75". Thick: .020. Weight: 0.4oz.
    Stamped steel, single faced.

    Colors shown:  Candle holder, two tone bronze. Leaf, dark green with lighter highlights.  Berries, red with some glitter. Candle, red with white melting wax Wick,  black.  Flame, red, gold, Orange metallic's. Great holiday stocking stuffers. Personalized for a great gift.  Fine Christmas tree ornament.  

    Choose your colors finishes and backings, magnet or ornament. 

    Made & hand-painted in the USA.
  • ID: 205518
  • $11.69


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