State CUSTOM Plaque, Handpainted Verses

  • ID: 181899
  • Custom State Plaque Hand-Painted Verses.  

    Height: 15.00". Width: 7.50". Weight: 2.01 lbs. Aluminum.
    Use: Indoors/outdoors. Rustproof.
    Verses: Hand-painted, custom-painted, customized, personalized.
    Comes with mounting screws.
    Your choice of state, colors and finish.

    State is of raised metal. All lettering is hand-painted. Choose the state you would like on the top of the plaque. Have any personal message or image hand-painted on the bottom part of the plaque.

    I will hand-paint any message/verse/image/portraits you would like to have on the plaque. For images and portraits please email me for a price quote.

    Please allow around 3-8 weeks depending the type of painting you would like to have.

    Made & hand-painted in the USA.

  • ID: 181899
  • $73.31


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