Kansas State Marker, State Plaque, Hand Painted

  • ID: 80987LKS
  • Kansas Histerical Marker State Plaque. Unique gifts and home decor. Aluminum. Height: 15.00". Width: 7.50". Weight: 2.01 lbs. Use: Indoors/outdoors. This unique and wonderful hand tooled plaque is made in the USA. Being this plaque is larger it has a message with unique historical facts along with some funny fiction. 

    The  state plaque is made of durable rustproof aluminum and comes ready to hang, mounting screws included.  The traditional paint colors for the plaque will be a black background with the raised portions bare metal/silver, finish coats matte.

    The raised wording around the top of the plaque reads, "STATE OF MIND HISTERICAL COMMITTEE". The center has a raised outline of the state and the name of the state. On the bottom of the plaque it reads, "IN THE 1860'S BAT MASTERSON AND WYATT EARP CLEANED UP THE LAWLESSNESS IN DODGE CITY AND ABILENE.  HERE YOU ARE MORE THEN WELCOME TO CLEAN UP THE KITCHEN." 

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  • ID: 80987LKS
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