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Santa Pitcher Ceramic

Weight: 2.4 lbs. Height: 10.75 inches. Width: 9.50 inches. Depth: 6.75 inches. Ceramic.
Santa pitcher can hold liquids inside the bag being the inside has a baked/fired gloss finish.
Coat: Red, white and gray accents. Holding a brown bear with a red, green, white candy cane.
Bag: Gray, black and gold rope.
Toys: Train, black, green gold. Doll, white, pink dress. Bell: Gold.
All attached with a red metallic and gold accent rope.
Handle: I painted it like a candy cane with re, white and gold accents.
Gloss finish. Bottom can be personalized.
Santa pitcher will make a fine one-of-a-kind hand-painted fine gift or a unique decor piece.
Made and hand-painted in the USA.
Sorry, colors as shown.



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