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Hand Painted Gifts, Custom-Painted Home Decor

Custom hand-painted pieces.

Our hand-painted pieces are painted at LSC Creations at the time of your order. This way if you want any custom painting or personalizing done there won't be any issue. Most all hand-painted pieces has between 3-4 coats of paint and the same for the finish coats, not to mention the drying time. So, if you have a time constraint, please let us know either before placing your order or right after. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Home Accents, Accessories, Decor

The hand-painted pieces within the home accents I painted with great detail. You won't find pieces like this in any store, which makes them even more interesting. Being they are a one-of-a-kind piece, you will have something that no one else will have. What wonderful gifts these pieces will make for that special person in your life.

Metal Bandings, Decorative Trim Moldings

These decorative hand-painted bandings are made of stamped steel in the USA. They can be used for crafts, woodworking, even decorating. Some are very bendable where you can run the bandings through your baseboard registers or around curtain rods. All bandings are painted the same way as the decorative magnets and ornaments. Any of the decorative moldings can be custom-painted to match any decor.

Metal Ceiling Panels

The ornate metal ceiling that we have shown comes from Australia. The reason I get the panels from Australia is they are made out of aluminum, so they won't rust. These metal ceiling panels are very light large 2'x6' panels and come in a wide range of ornate patterns. If you would like a unique, one-of-a-kind ceiling, choose custom-painting for your ceiling panels. I will be happy to order them, even custom-paint the panels for you.


My murals that I paint can only be done in certain parts of Massachusetts. All murals are done with acrylic paints, sealed with 3 coats of clear waterproof sealer for protection, this way you can wash the murals without any problems. Any questions, please contact me.

Histerical Markers/Novelty State Plaques

Hand-painted and custom-painted, these unique plaques are hand tooled and made in the USA. The small plaques have been made for LSC Creations, so you won't find them on any other website. We also have the large plaques that have a different message for each state. Made of durable rustproof aluminum, these plaques have unique historical facts mixed with some funny fiction. Each plaque large or small is primed with an oil based primer and hand-painted with various coats of acrylic paints. After drying, I spray them with 3 coats of waterproof clear sealer. The plaques can be used indoors or outdoors without any issues. If you wish to have your own colors, just let me know and I will custom-paint the marker for you. Like the magnets, there won't be any extra charges for customizing, unless you wish to have gold leafing done. Being I have a small selection of plaques right now, if I don't have your state let me know, and I can get it for you. Just contact me and let me know the state and the size of plaque you are interested in.

Refrigerator Magnets and Ornaments

All decorative refrigerator magnets or ornaments are made of stamped steel. These unique and wonderful pieces are made right here in the USA. Sizes of these items can range from 7" wide down to 1.5" wide. Each item is hand-painted with an oil based primer coat, then acrylic paint is used for the top coats to acquire great detail. After drying, then 3 coats of clear waterproof sealer is applied for a long hard lasting finish. These pieces can be used for indoors or outdoors with no problem. Custom-painting isn't an issue, just send me a picture or a color you wish to have copied on your magnet or ornament, I will do my very best to copy it. Most of the time there won't be any extra charges for the custom-painting unless you wish to have gold leafing done. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Brass Products, Banding, Magnets/Ornaments

The brass products are not painted, they are stamped brass. Just like the stamped steel, they are made in the USA. If you wish, these pieces still can be painted and personalized to meet your needs. Currently available, there's magnets/ornaments and banding available. Contact me if you have any questions.

Wall Decor Accessories

The hand-painted wall decor is decorative and unique. These detailed pieces are painted first with an oil base primer, then the acrylic paints for the finishing touch. For protection, 3 coats of clear waterproof sealer is used for protection, so both can be hung indoors or outdoors. More items will be added soon.

Many people like to know the reason why most of my items are in some form of metal. The metal is light, won't break, most of it's made in the USA and it's unusual. When I'm finished painting my pieces, they don't even look like metal. Also, they will out last wood or other materials that's around.

Any questions you may have on any of the above products, please contact me and I will get back to you. If you wish to speak to me, email me your phone number and I will be glad to call you and answer any questions you may have concerning our hand-painted customized products.

Our color chart may give you an idea for creating custom colors for any of our pieces. The chart came from DecoArt paints, which I use their paints for most of my painting needs.