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   Metal Lamp Shades

 1. Country Folks Shade

  2. Grapevine Shade  

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Metal Lamp Shades, Handcrafted
Custom Hand-Painted Decor

Custom Hand-Painted, Handcreafted, Metal Lamp Shades

Handcrafted, Hand-Painted Metal Lamp Shades Made In The USACustom Hand-Painted Products Made In The U.S.A.

The Country Folks

Metal lamp shades are handcrafted, hand-painted and made in the USA by LSC Creations.  Any shade can be custom-painted to match your decor.  These stamped steel lamp shades are 7" wide at the bottom and 5" tall.  The cross bar on top of the shade is about 3/4" wide and the hole size is approximately 1/2" round. Each metal shade will have 3 to 5 coats of paint, and 5 coats of clear coat for a long lasting beauty.  These unique metal lamp shades will make wonderful handcrafted gifts as well.  Please use a candelabra bulb with the shades.  Lamp and bulb not included. Shipping $7.70 each.  ID: 197281

Handcrafted metal lamp shade country folks


metal lamp shade, handpainted, handcrafted  


Handcrafted metal lamp shade country folk 

Handcrafted metal lamp shade, top Top/Cross Bar

1. Country Folks Shade    2. Grapevine Shade