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Wall Decor, Home Accents, Custom Hand-painted, Gifts, Decor

 Custom Hand-Painted Wall Decor Made In the USAMade In The USA,  Made In America, Made In The U.S.A.

The wall decor can add a unique touch to any decor.  Most pieces can be custom-painted even personalized to your liking.  Painted by hand these home accent pieces make special gifts or a great way to customize your home decor.  Customize pieces with your choice of colors, names, dates or maybe a small message.  This service is free of charge, excluding elaborate finishes i.e., gold leafing. All pieces are made in the USA.

Angels Singing
Custom Hand-Painted Wall Decor

Singing Angels Hand-Painted Wall Decor
Angels Singing. Wall Decor.
Length: 19-3/4" Width: 13-3/4"
Weighs 5.5 lbs. Resin
Hand-painted can be personalized.
Back has a sturdy metal hanger.
Angles has a variety of beautiful
colors. The song book has a
real song I painted in it.
The hand-painted angels will make
a fine gift or a great addition to your
home decor. Colors as shown.
ID: 81669
Shipping Charge: $18.75

Bald Eagle
Custom Hand-Painted Wall Decor

Bald Eagle Hand-Painted Wall Decor
Bald Eagle. Wall Decor.

Height: 10.00". Width: 27.00".
Weight: 3.00 lbs. Aluminum. 
Eagles colors: Wings and Body: Browns, white and blacks with metallic accents. Beak: Yellow.  Legs: Yellow with black nails.

Made and hand-painted in the USA.
Your choice of colors for custom-painting, personalizing any decor.  Can be used for indoors or outdoors.  Unique hand-painted gift idea or for any type home decor.
Available in your choice of colors.
ID: 81667
Shipping Charge: $18.75

Cross Victorian
Custom Hand-Painted Wall Decor

Cross Victorian Hand-Painted
Cross Victorian. Wall Decor.

Height: 10-1/4". Width: 6-3/4".
Thick: 1/2". Weight: 1.75lbs. Steel.
Use: Indoors/outdoors. Rustproof.
Colors shown: White with pearl green leaves and pearl gold trim.  Made and hand-painted in the USA.  The Victorian Cross has a thick
metal primer coat for protection.
To protect the paint there's two
coats of sealant on the front and
back of the cross.
Available in your choice of colors.
ID: 81666
Shipping Charge: $8.50

Mirror State Plaque
Custom Hand-Painted Wall Decor

Mirror State Plaque, Hand Painted Gifts, Novelty Gifts, Customized Handpainted Decor. Large
Mirror State Plaque. Wall Decor.
Height: 15.00". Width: 7.50".
Weight: 2.01 lbs. Stamped aluminum.
Use: Indoors/outdoors. Rustproof.
Made and hand-painted in the USA.
Center: Has a raised outline of the
state and the name of the state
recessed in. Bottom: Inserted mirror.
Available in your choice of colors.
ID: 176580

Oak Branch
Custom Hand-Painted Wall Decor

Oak Branch Hand-Painted Wall Decor
Oak Branch. Wall Decor.

Height: 16-1/2" Width: 16-1/2"
Weight: 2.25 lbs. Aluminum.
Use: Indoors/outdoors. Rustproof.
Oak Branch colors: Leaves: Yellows,
oranges, reds, greens with metallic
accents to make the leaves shine.
Branch: Various brown's, black's, tan's.
Your choice of colors for custom-
painting, personalizing decor and gifts.
Fine hand-painted decor & gifts.
Available in your choice of colors.
ID: 81668
Shipping Charge: $18.75

Custom Hand-Painted Wall Decor

Pheasant Hand-Painted Wall Decor Customized Personalized-Front-Front

 Pheasant Hand-Painted Wall Decor Customized Personalized-Back-Back
Pheasant. Wall Deco.
Height: 11-3/4" width: 21". Aluminum.
Use: Indoors/outdoors. Rustproof.
Made and hand-painted in the USA.
Hand-painted, can be custom-painted
customized and personalized to match
any decor. Double sided so each side
is painted differently with variations of
browns, tans, gold's and whites.
Available in your choice of colors.
ID: 94306 Shipping Charge: $18.75