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Accessories, Decorative, Custom Hand-Painted, Gifts, Decor

Deocrative Accessories, Custom Hand-Painted

Decorative Accessories Made & Hand-Painted In the USACustom Hand-Painted Products Made In The USA.

For unique and hand-painted gifts these decorative accessories will make a wonderful addition to any decor. The hand-painted Santa Earth figurine can be used throughout the year to celebrate spring or Christmas.  Add a decorative touch to your Christmas table with the Santa Pitcher, which is a functional pitcher being its glazed on the inside.  For customized hand-painted decor the hand-painted plaster pedestals can be used as plant stands or decorative accessories.  These pieces are unique and one-of-a-kind making for beautiful hand-painted gifts. Any piece can be added to a collection and given as a unique keepsake gifts as well.

Lily Vase
Fine Hand-painted, Gifts, Decorative Accessories

Vase handpainted Accessories Vase Handpainted Accessories Front & Back
Vase Handpainted Accessories Vase Handpainted Accessories Sides

Lily Vase. Hand-painted.
Weight: 2.11 lbs. Height: 12.50".
Width: 19". Ceramic.
The front and back flowers are painted
differently creating a beautiful garden affect.
Background: Pale green. Flowers: Pinks,
maroons, yellows, burgundies, with pearl
coatings.  Leaves: Green shades. Finish: Satin.
Bottom can be personalized. The vase
will make a unique and one-of-a-kind
hand-painted gift or fine home accent piece.
Hand wash only. Sorry, colors as shown.
Made and hand-painted in the USA.
ID: 190452  Shipping Charge: $19.75

Santa Earth Figurine
Hand-Painted Collectibles, Gifts, Keepsakes, Home Decor

Santa Figurine Cermaic, Unique Keepsake Gifts, Hand Painted Gifts Hand painted gifts ceramic figurine santa earth back
Figurine Santa Earth.
Weight: 1.18 lbs. Height: 9".
Width: 6.50". Depth: 3.50". Ceramic.
Coat: Golden butterflies, pinks, reds
and white flowers. Sack: Brown with
reds, pinks and white flowers. Wreath:
Green with more flowers. Gloss finish.
Bottom can be personalized. Santa
will make a unique hand-painted gift.

Sold! Sorry the mold for this Santa is no longer available.
Please watch for the new piece coming soon.

Made and hand-painted in the USA.


Santa Pitcher
Fine Hand-Painted Gifts, Keepsakes, Collectibles, Decorative Acceccories

Santa Ceramic Pitcher, Customized Handpainted Decor, Hand Painted Gifts Santa Pitcher Ceramic, Unique Keepsake Gifts.
Santa Water Pitcher. Hand Painted.
Weight: 2.4 lbs. Height: 10.75".
Width: 9.50". Depth: 6.75" Ceramic.
Santa pitcher can hold liquids in it
being the inside has a baked/fired
gloss white finish. Coat:  Red, white
and gray accents. Holding a brown bear
and a red green and white candy cane.
Bag:  Gray, black and gold rope.
Toys:   Train, black, green, gold.  
Doll, white, pink dress.  Bell, gold.
All attached with red metallic and gold
accent rope. Handle: I painted like a
candy cane with red, white and gold accents.
Gloss finish.  Bottom can be personalized.
Santa pitcher will make fine one-of-a-kind
hand-painted gift and a unique decor piece.
Made and hand-painted in the USA.
Sorry, colors as shown. 
ID:  105989


Vine & Leaf Flower Pot, Planter
Fine Hand-painted Gifts, Home Decor, Keepsakes, Collectibles

Flower Pot Hand-painted Vine & Leaf Flower Pot Hand-painted Hand-painted Planter Home Decor Accessories
Vine & Leaf Flower Pot, Planter.
The planter has 3 different style vines.
Inside the planter is baked kiln glazed.

Hand-painted. Weight: 3.11 lbs. Height: 9.50".
Approximate Width: Top: 29", Middle 33",
Bottom: 23". Ceramic. Background: Browns, gold's,
yellows. Leaves: Variety of greens. Finish: Matte.
Bottom can be personalized. The flower pot
is a unique one-of-a-kind hand-painted piece.
Made and hand-painted in the USA.
Sorry, colors as shown.
ID: 205163
Shipping Charges: $19.75